LOCATION For those outside the St. Louis area, NorthPark is located immediately East of Lambert - St Louis International Airport near the intersection of two major interstates. For those more familiar with the area, NorthPark is situated at the Northeast corner of the intersection of I-70 and I-170 with North Hanley Road running through the center of the development. Nestled within the boundaries of the development is a city park complete with a fishing pond, picnic area, playground and walking path. Future suburban amenities within NorthPark will include retail stores, restaurants and cultural activities and experiences for tenants and visitors, as well as green space and walking trails created by the Great Rivers Greenway. TECHNOLOGY The innovations available within NorthPark will position your organization on the cutting-edge of technology business solutions. At the center of NorthPark's technology plans is fiber, which can be run directly into your building. A Sonnet Ring is also planned which can guarantee uninterrupted access to the fiber line, even in the event of a break or cut in the line. In addition, a new Ameren UE sub-station is now available for the benefit of NorthPark. PARTNERSHIP The partnership responsible for NorthPark is as exceptional as the project. NorthPark Partners is an unprecedented collaboration between once competing developers: McEagle and Clayco. Individually, each had worked vigorously for the development rights of the land, but only after partnering in 2004 was NorthPark able to proceed. While the formation of NorthPark Partners was groundbreaking, the parties which rallied around them are just as important. NorthPark includes land from three municipalities, Berkeley, Ferguson and Kinloch, as well as portions of unincorporated St. Louis County. All four governmental entitieshave worked together in cooperation with NorthPark Partners to create an a strong and vibrant public private partnership which also includes the City of St. Louis, Lambert Airport, the University of Missouri System, and local economic development groups. As a result of their superior standing in the real estate and development industry, McEagle and Clayco have called upon partnerships garnered from years of quality work, including strong relationships with the Missouri Department of Economic Development and public transit agency Metro.